D500 first 24hours, thoughts and pics!


The D500 has really impressed me in the first 24 hours of very light use. Between being ill and working i haven’t had much time to play with this camera at all, here are a few shots i took while leaving work the other night.

My first impressions of the D500 was wow. The sharpness seems great, the low light sensitivity is awesome and the AF really also impressed me.

I quickly uploaded these images into post and really started to miss my D800.. Not really, but in terms of image quality i would have to say the D800 and the D500 are worlds apart. Enough of that though. In real life shooting the D500 is in a league of it’s own in certain applications, the AF and low light blow the capabilities of the D800 out of the water.

This is just a quick post with some sample images though, rather than a review comparison of the two cameras (which i hope to post sometime)

Let me know what you think!