RMH j00f 8 hour set video clip!


What an awesome night full of great people in one of my favourite nightclubs in Melbourne.

Here is a short clip I shot to test my new DJI osmo plus. My first impressions of the camera are very good indeed.

Even with all the movement in the club and people jumping around the smoothness of the 3-axis gimbal is phenomenal.

The low light capabilities are equally as impressive for a camera around $1000 price range. With the addition of a small video light this camera is capable of being a powerful tool in my video equipment arsenal, much better results than shooting with my Sony low light monsters and even my Nikon gear with all the fast primes. I will be getting a Nikon D500 soon which should be much better than the osmo in low light.

This isn’t a full review of the osmo, the review will be coming as a new addition to my website, where I will be reviewing all my gear in detail.

Please enjoy this short clip from John 00 Fleming and feel free to leave any comments below.