D500 hour 1.


Last night I got my hands on a brand new D500 to add to my kit and although the choice between this Nikon D500 body and the D810 was difficult, I still think I made the right choice between the 2, having owned and recently sold my D800 and a D800e as well.

A full review of this camera as well as the D810 is coming soon however I will go through some short dot points on my initial thoughts from only snapping a few shots last night.

My number one favourite and the most noticeable features I can see very easily compared to my old D800 is the lightning fast (compared to the D800/e) autofocus. The very similar 153 point AF system is the same as the D5 however this camera only shoots 10fps compared to the 12 on the bigger FX model. More on this  in the product review coming soon.

Take a look at 3 images all shot in low light up to ISO8000 totally usable!

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