Tribeadelic birthday party!


This was a very fun night indeed and a great way to test out the low light features of my new D800.

The images below are mostly shot with a 14-24 f2.8ED, keeping in mind this ultra wide rectilinear lens has very minimal distortion when it’s shooting on an FX body but a fair bit of the magic of this lens disappears when put on a DX body with the 1.5x crop factor.

Record video in 4K video and it crops it in even more but, regardless this camera lens combo felt solid and very familiar to me.

I focused more on the video component and have been a bit slow in the edit this time, but here are a couple of images from the night which capture the vibe pretty well.

More from last weekend coming soon..

D500 first 24hours, thoughts and pics!


The D500 has really impressed me in the first 24 hours of very light use. Between being ill and working i haven’t had much time to play with this camera at all, here are a few shots i took while leaving work the other night.

My first impressions of the D500 was wow. The sharpness seems great, the low light sensitivity is awesome and the AF really also impressed me.

I quickly uploaded these images into post and really started to miss my D800.. Not really, but in terms of image quality i would have to say the D800 and the D500 are worlds apart. Enough of that though. In real life shooting the D500 is in a league of it’s own in certain applications, the AF and low light blow the capabilities of the D800 out of the water.

This is just a quick post with some sample images though, rather than a review comparison of the two cameras (which i hope to post sometime)

Let me know what you think!

RMH j00f 8 hour set video clip!


What an awesome night full of great people in one of my favourite nightclubs in Melbourne.

Here is a short clip I shot to test my new DJI osmo plus. My first impressions of the camera are very good indeed.

Even with all the movement in the club and people jumping around the smoothness of the 3-axis gimbal is phenomenal.

The low light capabilities are equally as impressive for a camera around $1000 price range. With the addition of a small video light this camera is capable of being a powerful tool in my video equipment arsenal, much better results than shooting with my Sony low light monsters and even my Nikon gear with all the fast primes. I will be getting a Nikon D500 soon which should be much better than the osmo in low light.

This isn’t a full review of the osmo, the review will be coming as a new addition to my website, where I will be reviewing all my gear in detail.

Please enjoy this short clip from John 00 Fleming and feel free to leave any comments below.


D500 hour 1.


Last night I got my hands on a brand new D500 to add to my kit and although the choice between this Nikon D500 body and the D810 was difficult, I still think I made the right choice between the 2, having owned and recently sold my D800 and a D800e as well.

A full review of this camera as well as the D810 is coming soon however I will go through some short dot points on my initial thoughts from only snapping a few shots last night.

My number one favourite and the most noticeable features I can see very easily compared to my old D800 is the lightning fast (compared to the D800/e) autofocus. The very similar 153 point AF system is the same as the D5 however this camera only shoots 10fps compared to the 12 on the bigger FX model. More on this  in the product review coming soon.

Take a look at 3 images all shot in low light up to ISO8000 totally usable!

Feel free to comment below

RMH j00f!


A couple of photos here shot with my RX1r, which i have to say is still great in low light even years after it’s release.

The images are shot at Royal Melbourne Hotel presented by Earthcore with the awesome John 00 Fleming who played a killer 8 hour set.

I just got my hands on a low light companion to the Sony RX1r, it’s the nikon D500!

I’m excited to do some real testing this weekend at the Tribeadelic gig at brown alley, here is a link to the event page:


Spur of the moment


Today i went on a trip to the black spur in the yarra ranges, quite a nice place in victoria.

I used my phantom 4 to explore some 360 strapped to drone video in 4k as well as 4k out of the phantom 4. I have had a quick look over the footage and so far its quite nice.

Here is a still shot birds eye view, P4 camera with an ND4 filter.

Videos coming soon..